Genealogy: Chandler Family

A tradition popped up in my family with assigning the first son the middle name “Chandler”, the origin of the “Chandler” middle name was unknown to myself, father, and grandfather up until the 11th month of my 29th year (January 2017).

This tradition has survived 7 generations; which is amazing because my Paternal Grandfather (David Chandler Merrill) had no contact with his father (Herbert Chandler Merrill) his whole life, outside of of one very short visit to Herbert’s office when David was about 9 years old. The only thing my David Chandler Merrill remembers from that visit with his father is, his father (Herbert) asking for David to bring him his prosthetic leg. Apparently, Herbert had lost one of his legs.

My son Jackson Chandler Merrill (born: 2013) will not have to live in the mystery of where the tradition of the “Chandler” middle name came from.

Question: How am I related to the “Chandler” family?
Answer: My Great Great Great Great Grandmother’s maiden name was “Chandler”

If you are a decedent of Zebadiah Chandler (born: November 11, 1752), Thomas Chandler (born: 1635), William Chandler of Roxbury (Came to America during the Great Puritan Migration), or Robert Le Chaundeler (born: 1420) please feel free to reach out to me, I would love to hear from you.