Nate, Laura, and Jackson on a winter hike at goosberry falls.
Nate, Laura, and Jackson
Nate, Laura, and Jackson on a winter hike at goosberry falls.

What I am doing now

I am living in Hopkins, Minnesota trying to spend my time building momentum toward living in the Northwoods of Minnesota with my family and generating income independent of where I am located.

My primary goal is to acquire land near or in the Superior National Forrest, either near Ely, Minnesota or north of Duluth, Minnesota.

In my “professional” life:

In my “personal” life:

  • Following Christ with no denominational affiliation, my wife and I have spent nearly 5 years attending a local Baptist Church (Cross of Glory)
  • Being a husband to my wife Laura
  • Being a full-time Father to by two kids Jackson (3.5 years old), Katherine (1.5 Years Old), & Joshua (ETA June of 2017)
  • Focusing on my health & nutrition, chiefly via experiments with Nutritional Ketosis. I have currently lost 25 pounds.
  • Building momentum with my web presence and personal brand, check out my social media presences page here.
  • Maintaining, Repairing, and Improving my home
  • Canoeing, Hammock Camping, Hiking, and RV Camping.
  • Consuming mind stimulating and inspiring Podcasts.
  • Building my nest egg.
    • Paying off my Mortgage, current outstanding principle balance: $96k

My main act of public service is:

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.

Last update was May 16th 2017.

This page was inspired by Derek Siver’s page, after I heard about his nownownow project in an interview he did with Tim Ferris.