Nate, Laura, and Jackson on a winter hike at goosberry falls.
Nate, Laura, and Jackson
Nate, Laura, and Jackson on a winter hike at goosberry falls.

What I am doing now

I am living in Hopkins, Minnesota trying to spend my time building momentum toward living in the Northwoods of Minnesota with my family and generating income independent of where I am located (ideally, Financially Independent).

My primary goal is to acquire land near or in the Superior National Forrest, either near Ely, Minnesota or north of Duluth, Minnesota.

In my “professional” life:

  • Creating content for this website (
  • Laying the groundwork for a new project (
  • Planning content for my YouTube channel (
  • Developing new skill sets
    • I completed NOLS’s Wilderness First Aid recently; and am now looking to take CPR, AED, and further medical training (Wilderness First Responder)
  • Working in IT (checkout my LinkedIn profile for those details)
    • I have spent 8+ years in various Healthcare IT roles
    • Over 10 years in Information Technology

In my “personal” life:

  • Following Christ with no denominational affiliation, my wife and I have spent 5+ years attending a local Baptist Church (Cross of Glory)
  • Being a husband to my wife Laura
  • Being a full-time Father to by three kids Jackson (4 years old), Katherine (2 Years Old), & Joshua (3 months)
  • Focusing on my health & nutrition, chiefly via experiments with Nutritional Ketosis, I have currently lost 50 pounds.
  • Building momentum with my web presence and personal brand, check out my social media presences page here
  • Maintaining, Repairing, and Improving my home
  • Canoeing, Hammock Camping, Hiking, and RV Camping
    • Recently, I have taken trips to Fall Lake near Ely Minnesota, Tettegouche, Lutsen, BWCA (Fall Lake to Basswood Lake), BWCA (Moose Lake to Ensign Lake), Superior Hiking Trail (North of Grand Marias), and Tettegouche
  • Consuming mind stimulating and inspiring Podcasts
  • Building my nest egg and pursuing financial independence
    • Building my savings (401k, ETFs, HSA, ESPP)
    • Paying off my Mortgage, current outstanding principle balance: $94k

My main act of public service is:

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.

Last update was October 3rd 2017.

This page was inspired by Derek Siver’s page, after I heard about his nownownow project in an interview he did with Tim Ferris.